Sunday, June 1, 2008

St. Louis

I traveled to St. Louis in the rented car today.

That car has a powerful engine and it runs very smooth. Feels like you are gliding or
skating on the highway.

Too bad it's a gas guzzeler. It wasn't too bad today. I filled it up yesterday coming home, and only had to fill it up once at half tank coming back from St. Louis. That's what I usually do in my own car. It is a little more though on the cost of gas.

I went straight downtown in I-70 instead of I-64/Hwy 40, the route I usually take when I go to St.Louis. They are doing the total remakeover of Hwy 40 from I-170 eastward to downtown, so you can not travel that way.

It has been years since I traveled I-70 to downtown and it was a little confusing, because I was looking for signs for Market Street, one of the main streets in downtown. But instead there was a sign stating "Busch Stadium Downtown", so I thought I better take that exit.

I had no problem of finding Market Street after I got off the exit though. If you are not familiar with St. Louis, Market Street has most, if not all, the city buildings. It has the Post Office, it has the Civil Courts, the Police Station is somewhere along there. The Old Capital is located on Main Street as well.

Looking at the picture above, you can see Market Street at the far left, going right up the left side of the Old Capital. This pic was taken back in 2006, the last time I visited St.Louis, and, of course, this was taken from the windows of the Gateway Arch.

Here is a view of the new Busch Stadium. It was just built and still working on the outside of the Stadium, as you can see.

St. Louis is a large city and an old city as well. It has many flavors to it and it takes time to discover each flavor.

I take the rental car back to the dealer after work tomorrow. It was fun having it for a weekend and I am glad I did get a chance to drive a convertable :D

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