Friday, May 30, 2008

CC's City Broiler

I mentioned before that I received a $100 gift certificate to a fancy restaurant.

CC's City Broiler is just one of the nice restaurants here in Columbia.

Now, I can tell you right now, that I am not that familiar in going to fancy places to eat. I hardly go to them for I don't feel right and the $$ is out of my range.

In the past, I have gone on work-related trips and I had a chance to go to some really nice restaurants in Tuscon, AZ and in Tulsa, OK. Man, oh man, did I eat good!

But here in Columbia, I don't go out much to eat, and if I did, well, the 'common' restaurants, like Cracker Barrel, IHop are the places that I usually go to.

But I will go to CC's for a fine night out enjoying the steak dinner and may have a glass of wine to boot!

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