Thursday, February 1, 2007


AOL Pictures have several new things to experiment with, and WhooHoo is one of them.

These 3 pictures are of myself taken in NYC back in April of 2006. I was visiting a friend in New Jersey and he only lives about an hour from NYC, so he took me on a whirlwind tour of NYC. Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick Church, Broadway, and Times Square, that whole area.

It was a total shock to my senses. I have been to Mexico City, but that was over 20 yrs ago, so I don't remember much. But NYC was really different for me, a Missouri boy.

Had the chance to go see a Broadway (well, off-Broadway) show called "Ring of Fire", a musical of Johnny Cash's songs. Very well put together. Didn't last long though. Bummer.

Anyway, just testing WhooHoo and had these pictures to show.

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