Friday, February 2, 2007


I am so glad it's Friday.

The last week hasn't been too bad actually, but it is so good to finally relax and chill out.

Tomorrow I do have to work at my other "part-time" job, but it's not really a job. I am part of the Event Staff at the University Missouri here in town. The Mizzou Tigers mens have a game against Nebraska at the Mizzou Arena. Hopefully they will win. They need a win. That's 10:30 am till about 5 pm. Not bad.

Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. A friend invited me over to his house to watch. The both of us are not really football fans. It's mostly for the commericals, but also for the social event. There will be others there as well. It should be fun.

The weather here in Missouri and the Midwest is COLD. High today was in the high teens or low twenties. Low is about 5 or so. Jumpin Jack rabbits. This has been the coldest winter in most recent memory, at least my memory. It's usually in the 30's or 40's. We had more snow than last year, I know that.

This pic right here was taken from one of the snow storms we had since early December.

I am usually not anti-Winter, but I am so ready for Spring. The cold and the snow and the ice - Argh, enough to say bah humbug to it all.

Anyway, I am here at Pandera again. going to be staying here for a while, just cruising the net.

Hello to all from MyBloglog and from :)


Rodney Olsen said...

I'll swap you our 40 degrees celcius plus day today (105F) for one of your winter days.

Ron said...


Okay, I bite. Where are you located?

Ron said...

Never mind, I found out. So, it finally got hot down there, eh? We are freezing our buns off, and you are melting from the heat.

Blame it on El Nino or global warming or what? LoL