Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Mooninite T-Shirt

Remember the Cartoon hoax in Boston last week with suspicious objects planted at various places?

Well, the Cartoon behind all this sells t-shirts of that Britelight object.

If you go to that site, you will see a comment about the Boston hoax and the words " ignorant people". That link goes to a Fox News Channel article about the hoax.

Now, I have a question. Who are the "ignorant people"? The citizens of Boston? If so, how and why are they ignorant? If I see a suspicious object planted in unusual places around town, I would report it. I wouldn't call that ignorant.

I call it being observant. You can't tell what goes one anymore these days. There are nutty people who would love to kill anybody for any reason.

Turner Network and The Cartoon Network paid out of their nose to pay back for the expenses of the police and so forth. They really need to go nationwide and apologize to the citizens of Boston for this marketing goof.


Little Miss Kay Oss said...

:) Wow, I was only around for 10 minutes and I was part in inspiring a post! :)

Truly I'm not sure that I think Bostonians are ignorant. I understand that its a crazy world especially now and people are far more aware of their surroundings now than they ever have been. And unfortunately on the edge of paranoia. Either way I think they should have kept that in mind before they decided to do something like that in subway. I think the fact that they were in a subway was really what pushed this stunt over th edge.

Ron said...

I don't think Bostonians are ignorant either. They are just get wacked out as anyother normal person who sees something unusual.

Ron said...

I do want to you thank for the inspiration for my post, lol.Sorry, I should have said that earlier.