Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Columbia Air Show

This weekend the Columbia Air Show was held, but rain had other plans yesterday. I did go out with some friends, for we were planning to counter-protest the Lefties/ex-hippies, whatever you want to call them.

They didn't show up yesterday (cowards) for it just rained cats and dogs for most of the day. We arrived when it first opened to make sure that the Show wasn't canceled, but it wasn't. People were there, those who had to be there and the food vendors, but others did as well, trying not to look drenched. We didn't stay long though. We went home and ate lunch.

But we did come back after the rain stopped, but man, it was cold and very windy out there. While we were there, we saw the vendors starting to pack up. Yep, they were cancelling the show and it was around 1 pm or so. No flights, no jump, no nothing.

The picture above is the U.S. Army Virtual Tour, a huge inflated thing that you go through and have some fun. That was the most popular thing, mostly because it was dry and warm inside, lol.

Today's weather is much rain, but it is hot, mostly humid, outside. I didn't go today though.

The Memorial Day Parade is scheduled to be tomorrow. Shall wait and see how the weather goes before I venture out on that. In the past 3 or 4 yrs, I have been in the parade, but this year, I just might sit out of this and just enjoy it for once.

Remember what Memorial Day is all about and what the sacrifices of our brave men and women of our Armed Services went through for freedom and our way of life.

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