Sunday, February 11, 2007

Alone with Jesus

No one in the forest
But my Lord and me;
Walking in the coolness
'Neath the shady trees.

Hand in hand with Jesus
As we walk along;
Troubled when I started
Now I have a song.

Lonely, tired, discouraged
Are you that today?
Take a walk with Jesus
On the narrow way.

Let His arms enfold you
As you journey home;
He will guide you safely
Never more to roam.

He's the Gentle Shepherd
You, the wand'ring lamb;
Walking home with Jesus
He's the great "I AM"!

- David Fisher, October 20/05

I got this poem from David Fisher's blog. Very nice.


ghee said...

The poem is really beautiful..

I saw you at fuel my blog so i tired to visit :) nice site you have :)

Ron said...

It is. I wish I was as poetic.

Thanks on the nice comment for my blog. :)

Inmatez Wife said...

What a great poem, and man did I need that today!!! Saw you on Fuel my blog--so glad I clicked it!!!!

Ron said...

Thanks inmatez wife :)

All do a favor and go to David's blog and thank him! :)

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks so much for your prayers and for including my poem on your site. It's much appreciated.

Keep blogging for Jesus!

In His love,


Ron said...


Thanks for your Blog. I found you at Rodney's blog down in Perth :D

You have received some great comments about your poem..

Likewise, keep on blogging for the Lord!