Saturday, January 27, 2007

Panera Bread - Saturday Edition

I went to Pandera Bread at the mall again today to see if I could get a connection.

I did.


My laptop detected the Pandera network, but I just couldn't get connected.

Ba Humbug.

So, I went to South Pandera and that is where I am now.

I got a haircut. I was growing wings and about to fly to Glory. But I had to clip them.

The Mall's hours have changed, I guess, for the good of all. It used to open at 10 am till 9 pm. But all the stores were open when I got there and that was about 9:40 or so. I thought had to wait for the store to open, but it was. Good. I hate to wait in line.

It's packed here at Pandera. It's going on after 11 am, so lunch is being served. Pics served :)

Saturday's are always busy, of course.

Colder today, it's only 33 degrees now. The cold front is starting to come through. High of 20's tomorrow.

February is coming quick. Soon that will be gone, then March and Spring. Spring is my favorite season. New life, new beginnings.

The Mizzou Tigers are playing at Mizzou Arena against Texas Tech. You know Bobby Knight and crew? That should be interesting to see if Bobby is going to act up. Probably need to bolt down the chairs. LoL, sorry.

Mizzou needs to get their act together. They have lost quite a few games in the last month. Mike Anderson, the coach, the new coach mind you, needs to do something. The crowds were sparse all season long anyhow, so if they want fans to continue to come to the games, he and the Athletic Department better get quick on winning games.

The (new but old) Wal-Mart opened here in Columbia last week. We now have 3, count them, 3 of them now. ALL Super Centers. Talk about a monopoly. One grocery store already has gone caput because of Wal-mart and they have been in town since the 1800's.

We have East Wal-mart, West Wal-mart and now South Wal-mart. I won't be surprised if a North Wal-mart won't be opening too long for now. The northern part of Columbia is the "last frontier" if you will in development. It's starting to get businesses and such up there, banks, restaurants (McDonalds).

I hate the layout and the feel of the new Wal-Marts. The East Wal-Mart has been open for quite a while now and it has the "old" feel. Much more space, layout. I can't describe it, but I don't like it.

Enough for today here at Pandera.



Valerie said...

I like this site! Hope you had a good time at Panera. Hmmm, I did read where you said botox for the headaches. Look at it this way, you get (possible) headache relief and possible wrinkle relief, although I doubt you need it.

Ron said...

Thanks Valerie :)

But where did Botox and headaches come from? LoL I don't use Botox...