Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Old Wal-Mart, Old memories

We here in Columbia have 4 Wal-Marts. They have been around for at least 30 yrs or so.

The Wal-Mart below, as you can see, is being torn down. This particular Wal-Mart had a long history because it was part of a mall called Biscayne Mall. Biscayne Mall first opened back in

The funny thing is that Biscayne Mall fell to hard times in the late 1980's/early 90's. But not Wal-Mart. They still plugged along. Even with a new, larger, Columbia Mall across the street.

But back in October of 2006, the old Wal-Mart moved to a building about 1 mile west of the old building. It's larger and in a new "format" than the old Wal-Marts.

Just last month, Wal-Mart South moved to a new building and location as well. The old building might be torn down, don't know yet.

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